Board Members

Vola Bleile, President                  

Cheryl Evancheck, Treasurer     
——-Since my children are now grown, I had started looking into organizations that I could volunteer for that would allow my love of children to be put to use.  When I heard of CASA I was immediately attracted to the organization and what it stands for.  I started out as volunteer and although I loved that aspect it unfortunately consumed too much time that I did not have due to my work schedule.  I did not want to stop being involved in CASA so I took a place on the board and as Treasurer where I am still able to help by raising funds and doing some of the organizational work it takes to keep our volunteers!

Bonnie Rietz, Secretary               
——-I first heard of CASA when my friend Cheryl started thinking about joining.  At that time she was looking at becoming a volunteer and had shared the information she was given.  I knew that I would never be able to help in that area because my personality would not allow me to hear the stories and see the children living through experiences no child should ever have to experience, without feeling such anger and frustration.  I was thrilled when she informed me that I could still help by being on the board.  I love being able to assist in this capacity and I look forward to accomplishing all we can to help our volunteers make the difference in the lives a child!

Brigette Michaels                          

Nicole Kass                                     
——-A dear friend of mine asked me if I wanted to join her for a CASA meeting. I was filmilar with CASA but only a minimal about. I am so glad i went to that meeting. Once I knew what CASA was all about I fell in love with the organization and became a member. After being a Paralegal for a couple years I have seen too many child abuse/neglect cases and cannot thank the volunteers enough for being there for those children. I appreciate those strong and kindhearted volunteers foucusing on the children.

Nikkie Sotka
——-I have always had an interest in working with at-risk children. As an infant, I spent time in foster care before my parents adopted me. When I began college, my major was social work. Currently, as a teacher, I work with dozens of middle and high school students every day. Working with the CASA Board would allow me to help even more children.  As soon as I heard about CASA I felt it was where I am called to volunteer.

Mariah Harris
——-CASA’s mission ties closely with all things that are important to me. I’ve always had a passion for assisting children develop in a healthy manner physically, mentally, and environmentally. My internship consisted of working with children in the social service system and although my career has taken a turn from what my background and degrees include, children’s welfare is still very important to my morals, ethics, and heart. I want to be a part of an organization that advocates for the children of our community, as I’ve seen the need for it.

Kim Pericolosi
——-I wanted to become a CASA board member because I believe that helping children in our community is a valuable investment of time. I also believe I could be an asset in helping to promote the value of the CASA program, and I would be committed to doing my part at the fundraising events in order to keep the program running.   I love being part of a program designed to provide help for children and that allows them to continue to live in a safe and caring environment.

Kandi Erickson-Anderla

Sandy Bayerl
——-My interest in joining the CASA board stems from my love of children.  I believe all children, regardless of income or ethnicity, deserve safety, to have their basic human needs met, and love.  Joining the CASA board gives me the volunteering opportunity I have been looking for.  I look forward to helping children in our community.